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Embedded systems often have stringent requirements on their hardware and software performance and need to operate in harsh environments which often cannot be tested easily. This is the reason why you should look for the best embedded development company to meet your technical needs. The best embedded development company must have highly skilled, experienced and creative team of software developers who can think outside the box and deliver the project on time with top quality results. Maskottchen is one of the leading embedded systems company that has been successfully working with clients from various fields such as telecommunication, process automation, transportation, aviation etc.

There are number of software companies in the world, but Maskottchen serves you in the best way possible as far as embedded software development services are concerned. Our dedicated developers and designers always keep up to date with the latest trends and technology in the field of embedded application development. This has been our motto since inception, and it won’t change any time soon.

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What does 3D design mean and what are the actual dimensions in 3D? 3D means that there are three dimensions in which objects exist (height, width, and depth). When you create objects in computer programs like Photoshop or Illustrator, you are essentially creating two-dimensional (2D) representations of three-dimensional (3D) objects. To see these representations of objects, you must view them on your screen at the correct angle to see the depth of the object.

Embedded development is the process of developing an embedded system, which is software that runs on embedded devices, such as a smartphone or an industrial control system. Embedded development differs from traditional software development in that the end user cannot directly influence the software’s features. Instead, the manufacturer determines what features will be implemented and when they will be implemented.

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