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Best practices for digital marketing

Audience Targeting

Defining the audience is the first step to successful campaign planning.

Use Clean, Fresh and Accurate Data

A successful data-driven campaign is only as good as the data acquired.

Omnichannel Marketing

Get the message out there on a variety of platforms

Relevant Content 

Make content, including email campaigns, voice search, websites and landing pages, mobile-enabled also will help outreach efforts reach farther and wider!

Measure Performance: Analytics



Web Development


The outputs of our Web Development Service & Maskottchen  Web Development process together transcend every aspect of quality required to deliver high-performing websites.


Embedded & Software Development


Embedded System Software Essentials will introduce  the components of embedded software design. We will formally define the hardware devices and the software constituents needed to configure and run embedded solutions. These software units include C-programming, assembly language, and the software development environment which include the software compilation system, the debug environment, the software version control system, and the integrated development environment.

Web Designing Handbook


Your company website shouldn’t be a static leaflet about your business, it should be a hub built for interaction that builds trust and encourages your audience to favour you over your competition.  Businesses know that websites are a necessity in this day and age, but the problem is that they don’t know the true potential that these hubs of information have for your business.

Digital Marketing News & Blog

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Compressing assets for Web

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Building the Bridge to Your Next Digital Evolution

Service providers are under tremendous pressure to transform, grow, and innovate.

The Service Provider’s Role in the Connected Future

Service Providers have a huge role to play in the connected future.