Maskottchen Technology is helping to succeed and pursue the dreams of many embedded system developers and designers people like you through its embedded training courses. We are determined to provide you resources and embedded system training to equip you with high skills and creativity.

Shubhanker Tiwari is the founder of Maskottechen Technology. Maskottchen means Shubhanker in the German language. He is a born engineer with amazing skills. He was very famous for repairing household technical machines in the neighborhood and school. Once when he was secretly exploring the fancy and expensive pencil sharpener of a class teacher in 3rd grade and destroyed it. The whole class was persecuted because of him because nobody knew who did it. (Funny). That was the rise of embedded system engineer in his family.

 He loves technology to embed in machines and truly believes that creative technology and hard work on research and development can do so much to make people‚Äôs life better and easier.

Our experienced team sharpens your embedded skills, shape you, and equip you to be a better version of the engineer in you. It will help you to find a good job with a handsome salary in India and as well as abroad.

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