Maskottchen Technology provides embedded software development services for industrial use and home automation appliances. We do research and Development (R&D) for your product and complete the project on time. 

Our labs are working on the latest development technology which includes embedded advancements to meet our client’s requirement. We conduct a detailed analysis study on new product development, embedded systems software engineering, embedded development, performance, and multiple porting services. 

Maskottchen Technology’s Primary Focused Embedded Software Development Services are given below

1). Embedded Linux based solution

This is an embedded system that runs on an operating system based on the Linux kernel. Linux kernels are used in embedded systems such as consumer electronics, networking equipment, etc. 

2). Firmware for various electronic

firmware is a specific class of computer software that provides the low-level control for a device’s specific hardware which makes hardware work and does what its manufacturer intended it to do.

3). Customized Embedded solution

Maskottchen Technology engineers are able to deliver a customized solution that gives you desirable results.

4). Cross-platform development

it provides the flexibility to build your app using a universal language like ; Javascript, python which can then be exported to various smartphone platforms.

5). Digital signal processing

it is used primarily in arenas of audio signal, speech processing, RADAR, seismology, audio, SONAR, voice recognition, and some financial signals. Eg; Digital Signal Processing is used for speech compression for mobile phones and in speech transmission for mobile phones.

6). Board support package (BSP)

Board Support Package functions like this two-sided sticky tape attaching the embedded hardware to the operating system that uses it. 

7).Data exchange between devices

It is the Internet of things.

8) System-on-chip via embedded

It is an integrated circuit which  integrates all or most components of a computer or other electronic system.

navigation and tracking solutions, automation embedded systems that match with your specific requirement.

Our Completed projects 

1). 555 Timer Police Led Flasher

2). Gaming Remote – HID gaming keys

3). Water Level measurement Device

4). Sanitizer vending machine

5). Bluetooth speaker

6). GPS using Arduino

7). Emergency Location finder switch

8). Security Devices

We can embed framework advancement and programming for your business. Due to this embedded system, your business revenue will increase. For more details please click here

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