No doubt that an embedded system is the future because every industry needs some artificial intelligence and it can be given by an embedded system only. if you are looking for the Best Embedded System Training Institute in Zirakpur/Chandigarh? Maskottchen Technologies is the answer to your searches.

Maskottchen Technologies offers a wide range of embedded systems for Linux device Driver, ARM, Beaglebone, ARM9, Raspberry-pi. These courses are highly focused on equipping Professionals and Engineers from different backgrounds.

Who are We?

Maskottchen Technologies is the certified embedded system training institute in Zirakpur/Chandigarh. It was founded by Mr. Shubhankar Tiwari in 2015. 

Why should you choose Maskottchen Technology for embedded system training? 

Maskottchen Technologies is the certified embedded system training institute in Zirakpur/Chandigarh. It was founded by Mr. Shubhankar Tiwari in 2015. 

Maskottchen Technology has experience of 5 years and equipped with a highly experienced professional team. 

We provide live projects to students based on 6 weeks of industrial embedded system training with fully interactive and expert guidance.

 We also provide excellent facilities and hands-on training programs to the students so that they can receive adequate knowledge about this subject.

 We have high tech, innovative, highly advanced telecom system labs, adorable infrastructure, and a self-sustained campus packed with facilities for learners.

Maskottchen Technologies provide embedded systems platforms and Six weeks of training on the various microcontrollers. Students trained from Maskottchen Technologies are well placed in abroad and India pursuing a successful professional career.

What is an embedded system?

An Embedded system is a combination of hardware and software to achieve a definite task. It is a combination of a computer processor, memory, and output/input peripheral devices which has a dedicated function within an electrical system. It enables products, machines, and systems that add up to the industrial internet of things and assist the overall digital transformation of your industry. 

Examples of embedded system

With the help of the Embedding system automate any task. Few examples are given below :

TV, refrigerator, digital calculator, air conditioner, traffic lights, digital thermometer, smartphones, information system, and many more.  

Curriculum we study and practice in our training programs:

1). Processor Architecture – complete memory map, programmers view, different status, control and peripheral registers, etc.

2). Embedded C/ C++ programming – Assembly language programming and C language, understanding the header file for target processor, bit-level manipulations, accessing and configuring different status, control, and peripheral registers, cross-compilation, compiler optimization, etc.

3). Interfacing I/O devices – like pushbuttons and LEDs, keypad and LCD, sensors, actuators, ADC, DAC, etc.

4). OS Concepts – Configuring and Optimizing Embedded Linux and Porting it to specialise in processor, writing device drivers, Oprating System Internals, linux operating system programming for bith users and Kernal space. Real time operating system and Hybrid Oprating systems

5). PCB Design and domain knowledge of DSP, Image Processing, Control Systems, Instrumentation and Measurements also helps in developing embedded systems. 

6) ARM 7 programming

7) Embedded Python Programming

8). Device Drivers and Kernel Programming

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